Book 2 Review

The book I read for the dystopian unit was Brave New World. I choose this book because I had heard that it was interesting and that it depicted a different dystopian society than the conventional one. After and while reading this book I became aware of the fact that our society today is on track to becoming very similar to the dystopian future depicted in Brave New World, which I found very concerning. The actions, opinions, and beliefs of most of the characters in the novel is heavily linked to the process where people are made in the society. I say made rather than born because it’s a far more accurate term for the process as people are genetically altered and mentally conditioned to perform a certain role in the society, which presents an ethical quandary, however, these characters are still clearly people, sure most of them are brainwashed people, but they’re still clearly people. This revelation given early on in the novel can certainly affect the way you see people. I greatly enjoyed this book and was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book. I believe that this is a book that everyone should read, not just to know about the Society it depicts which is important for a deeper understanding of society today and is a source of debate even to this day, but because it is also very enjoyable book as well.


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